Oppo reno 6 is the newest addition to the Oppo smartphone family. This phone is unique because it is not an Android-based smartphone. Instead, it is an affordable smartphone that runs on the Symbian operating system. Despite its lack of Android features, this phone still manages to set itself apart with its aesthetic design.

Oppo reno 6 is equipped with a unique dual-screen feature. This dual-screen feature is referred to as the Oppo RIZR-X technology. The RIZR-X allows two smartphones to be used at the same time. The dual-screen facility of the Oppo Reno 6 pro 5g is similar to that of the iPhone, which allows you to use the touch screen feature while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. oppo reno 6

The Oppo reno 6, along with some of the other smartphones from Oppo, has a unique dual-core processor called the Exynos, which is a mix of ARMA and CPU. This chip helps in boosting the speed of the device. The two processors combine to boost the speed and the performance of the device. The two smartphones have the ability to work on Android Kit Kat 4.4, which is better than iPhones.

The dual-core processor running on the Exynos help in increasing the speed of the device and this can even go up to twice faster than that of the regular Smartphones. The two processors coupled with a wide variety of applications and high-speed connectivity with TDD and USB connectivity; the Oppo RCW_S2 is very much user friendly and is loaded with high quality music player and multimedia facilities. The Oppo RCW_S2 can even connect to Bluetooth devices, MMS, Bluetooth headsets and high definition video recording tools. The six-inch capacitive touch screen of the Oppo R CW_S2 ensures a comfortable viewing of the content on these smartphones.

If you compare the functions and the specification of the regular Smartphones like iPhone, HTC Evo and Android phones, you will find that the Oppo R CW_S2 has many features that are more useful than those of the mid-range smartphones like the iPhone and HTC Evo. The major highlight of this device is its large 2.5-inch Super AMOLED display, which is larger than the screens of the iPhone and HTC Evo. This gives a better viewing experience of the content on the screen. The color display of the Oppo RCW_S2 along with the wide color support and viewing angle of the Super AMOLED screen make these handsets worth buying.

While using the handset in comparison to the other mid-range smartphones in the market, it is noticeable that the Oppo Reno 6 series has fewer features compared to the others. It has the basic facilities like VGA camera, FM radio, USB, modem, Bluetooth, MMS and Global Positioning System, but it does not have other facilities like Wifi, Waze, Document Viewer, Office suite etc. This is unfortunate because the other popular smartphones like the iPhone and HTC Evo have a lot of additional features that make life easier and comfortable. Another thing that makes these handsets fail to remain in the competitive arena is their prices. You could buy the regular version of the iPhone or HTC Evo for less than the prices of these latest models of Oppo smartphones.

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