I’ve written for many years about my ambivalence towards New Year Resolutions. This year I’ve decided to approach the subject from a different angle, well it’s different for me certainly…

I’ve long held the belief that New Year resolutions are, at best a waste of time, and at new year wishes sms messages worst, really damaging for your future. I even wrote a chapter in my motivation book about the subject.

It’s all to do with the jokey way that people approach them, the joke being that people set them knowing full well they won’t be kept. Sure enough, they then aren’t kept – all well and good you might think, a bit of harmless fun.

It’s not all well and good though, because by taking this approach you are training your brain to believe that the whole idea of goal achievement is a joke, that it’s always doomed to fail. That in turn stops us ever taking the idea seriously, and robs us of some wonderful life opportunities simply because we joked about New Year.

That, in a couple of paragraphs, pretty much sums up my view, but something occurred to me only this week, and it’s why I’ve decided on a different angle this year…

Yes, OK, I still believe that many many people damage their potential by doing what I wrote about, but there are also many people that do set their goals at New Year fully intending to stick to them, and then set about putting in the effort required, and I realised that although I write about goal achievement all the time, I have missed out these people by my dismissal of the New Year Resolution!

So, this year let’s assume you *are* setting a goal at New Year, and I’m going to as well. Here’s what needs to happen for the goal to become a reality –

– Take responsibility. Responsibility for your current circumstance, responsibility to make the changes yourself, to take control of your own future.

– Define the goal, as tightly as possible. If it’s not defined, it makes it almost impossible to achieve.

– Work out what you need to do to get there, the steps you will need to take.

– Take the first step. No goal will happen without action, and no-one can take the action for you. It’s up to you.

– Keep going, and be prepared to work hard. You can choose to give up, or when you hit a setback, you can choose to come again, it’s your choice.

That briefly covers the main steps. People have said to me in the past that I can make it look much easier than it actually is, that I’m too simplistic. Well, obviously there is more to it, but since the individual goal will bring its’ own complications, and life in general can undoubtedly add more complications still, I prefer to not overcomplicate the theory if I can help it. Action is the key to goal achievement. Theory behind the action, yes, but it’s action that will make the difference.

I’ve got some goals sorted out myself for the year ahead. Defined goals, with steps laid out to get there, and I’m ready to put in some work. You can get in touch with me if you want to find out what they are, and while you’re at it, let me know what your goals are for the year ahead. Can I help?

You can set goals at any time of the year, and as I’ve said I still have doubts about the way New Year can make a joke of the whole concept. If you’re going to stop joking about it though, if you’re ready to make some changes this year, then make the decision, take responsibility, take some help that’s available (from me), and let’s see where it can take you!

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