In today’s world of mobile technology, where competition is very tight, all big companies attempt to attract new customers all the time. They are trying with all the tricks available, with new combinations, which they think would fulfill all customers’ needs, in terms of attractive phone and affordable price.

In this case, the Straight Talk Wireless, specialized in prepaid phones, came to the idea of adding the Samsung Finesse prepaid smartphone r810c to its lineup for the purpose of getting new consumers of prepaid packets. They think that many people are turned off from prepaid packets because of the basic and not so attractive prepaid phones. On the other hand, those basic phones and prepaid plans are there, in the first place, to save money to consumers. But which way will it go? Let us see what is the idea and the problem here?

First, it is important to know that Samsung Finesse prepaid smartphone r810c is very attractive smartphone with 3.2 inch touchscreen that lets you drag and drop widgets that are, again, displayed by colorful, animated and very nice looking and appealing icons. 260,000 colors results with awesome display, 2.0 Megapixel camera, Phonebook with 500 Names, Stereo Bluetooth and easily added memory. All these feature are very appealing and attractive and the fact that all other prepaid phones available are simple and basic makes us think how will prepaid consumers react to this new phone? oppo f17 pro

Of course, not all these feature and attractiveness come cheap. Enjoying in this prepaid phone will cost consumers $300, so it is a risk because users of prepaid phones and Straight Talk Unlimited plans are there to save money and that is the whole idea of pay as you go world.

The possible reason why Samsung Finesse prepaid smartphone r810c might be able to attract totally new wave of consumers, who never attended to be part of prepaid packets is that Straight Talk’ Unlimited plan offers to its users unlimited web browsing. Considering Finesse’s nice browser and nice large screen with awesome display, this will be extremely useful to users. This may attract many new consumers because more and more important factor in cell phone purchasing decisions is web browsing.

Another reason that could make adding Samsung Finesse prepaid smartphone r810c to Straight Talk Wireless lineup successful move is people’s desire for beautiful things. It is more likely that people who are not very wealthy would rather collect that amount of money to buy this attractive phone and than continue to save money on unlimited plans. It is in people’s nature that possessing attractive and beautiful things makes us feel better and improves our confidence. Because of that fact, this move will probably be more than successful.

Any way, as customers see it, it is much better that there is a choice than that there is no one. In this case, it is about very nice looking smartphone, the only one with touchscreen among prepaid phones and it will probably attract new consumers who will see the benefits of Straight Talk Unlimited plans but now combined with this beauty. On the other hand, many consumers that are already users of unlimited plans will make an effort to purchase this phone just for showing off.

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